Trusting your gut and having situational awareness is critical to ensuring your success in your role and for reducing your personal risk. Women in fraud professionals experience this reality two-fold — at work and at home. 

Our Bay Area event with the Women’s Trust Network reinforced how unique the experience of women in fraud is and how transferable the skills of self-defense can be for professionals in our industry. 

Here’s a sample of the wisdom this group showed me during this empowering event:

  • A woman’s intuition is a powerful defense. If something feels wrong, it probably is. Move with intent and take action in and out of your office walls. 
  • Find safety in numbers. Whether it’s catching up to a couple walking down the street to building the right professional network – surrounding yourself with those who have your best interest at heart.
  • A simple tool is all you need. Did you know a metal water bottle is a great self-defense tool if you’re in a sticky situation? The things you see and use every day are valuable tools to protect yourself with.  
  • Blow off some steam. Trusting your gut is incredibly important, and your instincts will be sharpest when you are calm and balanced. When we’re stressed, we can become hyper-vigilant which actually works against our best instincts. Supportive outlets like your team, community, and family help keep your instincts on point, by helping you have perspective and joy.
  • Fraud-fighting women love a themed cocktail. The False Positive and the Identity Thief paired with some delicious appetizers, great brainstorming, and empowering activities took this event from good to great.

These were the really actionable takeaways from a lively and important conversation. What really hit home for me was how bringing together smart, driven women almost effortlessly created an environment to share the vulnerable and come away feeling powerful and supported. So many attendees thanked me after the event. I want to extend my gratitude to the Women’s Trust Network and the women fraud professionals who joined us to make those feelings possible for me and for everyone who attended. On behalf of our entire team, we can’t wait to do this again, learn more, and come away inspired to help fight fraud together.

“Last week, I attended the Women’s Trust Network #WomeninFraud event. Great networking opportunity for women in the Fraud & Identity space in the Bay area. Thanks, Emailage for such a fun night!” — Event attendee on LinkedIn