Advice for Professionals with a Career in Fraud Prevention

Exec Amador Testa offers helpful fraud prevention career advice.

With more than 20 years of expertise in financial services fraud prevention, Amador Testa is a rich source of sage career advice. His resume includes roles such as director of personal savings & card acquisitions fraud risk management at American Express and senior vice president for fraud risk at Citigroup.

Testa, Emailage chief product officer, sat down to talk about some of the challenges he had to overcome in his fraud prevention positions. In this insightful video, he shares how anti-fraud professionals can learn from his experience.

8 tips for overcoming challenges in your fraud prevention career

Testa explains some of the top lessons he’s learned in overcoming career challenges. Explore his advice for anti-fraud leaders:

  1. If you make a mistake, keep moving forward and upward. Testa admits to making many blunders throughout his career, but he says the most important thing is to keep going and never give up. 
  2. Choose good mentors and coaches to help you along the way. Testa made mistakes in the beginning of his career but was fortunate to have outstanding leaders who coached and helped him correct those errors.
  3. Have important or sensitive conversations over the phone, via videoconference or in person. It’s easy for things to get lost in translation when communicating through email, so be sure to gauge when you need to discuss matters on a phone call, via a video chat or in person.
  4. Understand what it means to be an expert in a field, assessing how easy or hard it would be to make a move. Testa found recognition of the industry’s size and growth potential essential in the early stages of his career. While growth in fraud prevention jobs is estimated to rise between 4 and 6 percent through 2028 , he suggests making sure there’s room to grow and advance your career in fraud prevention.
  5. Do what you like and stay motivated. Testa has been fortunate to meet many good people and to work for amazing companies throughout his career, which has contributed to a feeling of satisfaction that he picked the right field. No matter what your role, you’re going to face obstacles, so it’s vital you feel driven to find solutions.
  6. Learn something from each challenge or problem. In Testa’s case, he had to put in the hours to master two new languages, a challenging but necessary step to advance his career.
  7. See challenges as an opportunity to hone your process of finding solutions. “At the end of the day, you need to learn how to solve problems,” Testa explains. He reminds us we need to break a problem down and look at it as something to gain expertise in because the way you perceive issues will have a significant effect on your career satisfaction.
  8. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from leaders and peers. If you can’t solve the problem on your own, seek guidance and support from colleagues or the team lead.

Professionals with a career in fraud prevention can expect to tackle obstacles as they help outsmart fraud. Following Testa’s valuable advice will ensure you keep your fraud prevention career on track when you run into challenges.

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