Last week, Emailage announced the completion of another round of equity funding. It’s a huge milestone in the story of our company as we embark on the next journey of growth. I’m very excited for this next phase and would like to share more about our future plans.

A new chapter

In the story of Emailage, this new chapter would be titled expansion. But the type of expansion I envision is very targeted. As a company, we are dedicated to our core values and the amazing product we offer.

This expansion will consist of strategically developing our capability to serve even more companies in need. For a relatively small company, we’ve been able to sustain an incredible level of momentum that I want to continue in a way that works for our customers, partners and investors.


As a company, our roots are very humble. I often think back to how we began. Like so many other companies, we had an idea that was still unproven: If the email address is the only unique identifier used in online commerce, it should be used to power up-front risk assessment and identity validation.

Through some anxiety, growing pains and lots of dedication, our idea became proven. Last year, the product that we built around this idea prevented over $1b in fraud for customers in more than 50 countries. We’re on track to surpass that goal this year. In five years of business, we have yet to lose a single enterprise customer. These results are something I am very grateful for, as they are a testament to an incredibly devoted team.

As we have become more prominent in the industry, we’ve attracted a level of attention that is truly humbling. Our reputation as a bit of a darling among venture capital firms is something I don’t take lightly. Very few companies are lucky enough to be in such an enviable position.

Global reach, local expertise

This expansion will help us maximize our strategic global partnerships. Even though fraud knows no borders, every market faces vastly different challenges. You can’t sit on one continent and pretend to intimately know every fraud trend across the world. That’s why having local expertise is such a key component of our next phase of growth.

To truly understand new threats and trends, we need people who can work alongside our partners and customers at the local level in every market. This approach has been pivotal in helping us build momentum in key markets, so we will rely upon it to spur further growth efforts.

Local resources don’t just us make us more effective as a team, the insights gathered fuel our product development like nothing else can.

The road ahead

I’m often asked about where I see the company in 3 years. Obviously, we will be much larger. Not because bigger is better, but because we will have even more customers relying on us every day. It’s our duty to expand in a way that offers the maximum level of service to our existing and future customers.

Each new customer makes our global fraud network better and stronger. That’s why we will be heavily investing in enhancing our online risk score.

Our product is algorithm-centric, we will be able to take the crucial step of expanding our data science team to bring new ideas and perspectives into the fold. For our customers, this will translate into even lower false positive rates and greater ROI.

In conclusion

We are dedicated to making the core of our product even better. Enabling our customers to make the most of the email address as the only online identifier has gotten us this far. Though we will be adding new elements, we will never depart from this direction. Everything will filter back into improving our score and expanding our global fraud network.

At nearly every event I attend, people mention that they are impressed with what we are doing. It’s incredible to have such support in the industry. Our team is working very hard to continue to impress. We have some things coming that I’m very excited about.

I’m proud to be part of a company and product with such great acceptance and future potential. Thank you to everyone who has offered support and trust. We’re working for you.