In the fraud prevention industry, when you slam a door fraudsters will break a window. So, staying ahead of the game is crucial. It was with this in mind that Emailage CEO Rei Carvalho sat down for a chat with The Silicon Review to talk about the industry and how Emailage will play an even bigger role in 2017.

In the mind of Rei, to thrive in this unique segment of business you need two basic things: expertise in the area and creativity. These are the components that took Emailage where we are today. Fraud is constantly evolving, so as a company we must experiment with new things all the time, much in the same way as fraudsters.

Fraudsters are always trying to find ways to succeed, using the exact same two basic components that we put to use for our customers: expertise and creativity. So, whoever has more expertise and creativity wins. We are confident that it is us, because these elements are at the heart of everything we do at Emailage.

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