Innovation identifies fraudsters from genuine customers in real time

LONDON, UK – Emailage, the global leader in online fraud prevention and email risk assessment, has launched into the iGaming industry with its award winning tool Email Risk Score to help tackle fraud for online operators of sports betting and casinos.

In a new report, Frictionless customer authentication in iGaming, a dream or a reality?, Emailage highlights the growth of sports betting and online casinos, and the fraud associated with industry growth. Given the complex ecosystem of customer authentication within the sector, operators need reliable tools to prevent fraud at critical points in the customer journey.

Emailage’s Email Risk Score creates an effective, “zero-friction” first layer of fraud prevention. The process occurs in real-time, which enables operators to confirm genuine customers who can set-up an account to deposit and play in minutes – not days. Email Risk Score offers over 200 rigorous data points, which allows compliance managers to make an informed decision on whether or not to accept a transaction.

Operators can choose to implement Email Risk Score at registration, effectively preventing known fraudsters from gaining access to services. Alternatively, to add another layer of fraud protection before funds are exchanged, they can opt to implement the tool at the withdrawal and deposit stage

Powered by advances in artificial intelligence and aided by Emailage’s Global Identity Intelligence Network, Email Risk Score defines a new benchmark in fraud prevention for the iGaming industry.

CEO of Emailage, Rei Carvalho explained: “The iGaming sector is growing, and with the US Supreme Court decision to overturn a law banning sports betting, we expect to see new innovation and an explosion of betting products hit the market in the UK and the US, given investments on both sides of the pond increased with the announcement. Overall, we expect there will be an increased need in the market for more accurate, reliable and, above all faster fraud risk assessment tools to determine genuine customers from fraudsters.”

General Manager of EMEA at Emailage, Chris Thomas comments, “Fraud in the sports betting and online gambling space has unfortunately become part of the industry. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Using the email address as a core element of digital identity, with our advanced scoring system, we can reliably differentiate fraudsters from genuine customers, even when operators can’t see who is trying to use betting or gambling services. We know our tool, Email Risk Score, will be able to ease customer friction and have a positive impact on customer conversion, making winners of both customers and operators.

About Emailage

Emailage, founded in 2012 and with offices across the globe, is a leader in helping companies significantly reduce online fraud. Through key partnerships, proprietary data, and machine learning technology, Emailage builds a multi-dimensional profile associated with an email address and renders a predictive risk score. Customers realize significant savings from identifying and stopping fraudulent transactions.

To learn more, visit:, @Emailage on Twitter, or the company’s LinkedIn page.