“The energy at the event was incredible. Everyone was eager to share their success stories and best practices. I’m privileged to work with such a great team and be part of something special,” said Chris Thomas, Managing Director – EMEA for Emailage.

On Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019 Emailage brought together some of our key clients and prospects in an exclusive user forum to discuss fraud insights impacting online organizations in the EMEA region. It was an excellent interactive opportunity to meet other Emailage users and share experiences on how we are all outsmarting fraud together. Speakers came from all over the region and included a diverse mix from the likes of CEX.IO in the cryptocurrency world, Free Now (formerly My Taxi) in the shared economy business, RatePAY discussing innovation in payments, and even law enforcement with the City of London Police. 

The event as it happened:

The event was best described as an intimate setting being held at The Swan Restaurant – home to Shakespeare’s Globe in London, UK and began with a 3-course gourmet lunch and drinks.

The forum opened with Emailage’s Chief Revenue Officer, Tom Miller discussing our brand position ‘Let’s outsmart fraud. Together.’ Tom mentioned, “The power of our global consortium network is really what makes Emailage so unique,” and thanked everyone for their continued support and trust in Emailage. 

Harshad Agashe, VP of Product shared the Emailage roadmap for 2020 and beyond, with some excellent questions and feedback coming from the audience. 

The learning continued by hearing from industry experts sharing their success stories. Serhii Mokhniev, CAMS, Regulatory Affairs Counsel at CEX.IO showed everyone how well-loved Emailage is at their company. The feeling is mutual — we ❤️ you too Serhii:

Kevin Smith, Business Advisor and Payments Risk Consultant, Riskskill then discussed the recent regulatory framework impacting the EMEA region with PSD2. It was interesting to see how with challenges, also comes opportunity. Yes, the payments ecosystem shown below is complex and constantly evolving, but by investing in the right fraud prevention strategies companies can still profit and look to gain exemptions from Strong Customer Authentication by leveraging Transactional Risk Analysis:

Top 3 takeaways from the event include:

  1. Fraud data – it’s important to share fraud data so everyone in the network can benefit. Using the power of the Emailage network, we can stand united and outsmart criminals together by monitoring and alerting others of their online behavior.
  2. Knowledge is power – interacting and meeting people representing companies from varied industries all faced with similar challenges around reducing fraud, without impacting CX was invaluable for everyone.
  3. Law enforcement – the highlight of the day was hearing from The City of London Police. After hearing use cases from customers, these guys brought everything full circle. It was really interesting to hear the success stories of fraudsters being caught in the act and serving jail time as a result.

The networking fun eventually continued at the bar downstairs with a crowd The Bard might have described as:  “Some are born great. Some achieve greatness. And some have greatness thrust upon them.”

Another win for Women in Fraud

Women in Fraud

After the event we interviewed Sarah Lewis, Director of Customer Success at Emailage. She said “It’s great to be part of a growing group of female fraud professionals. I have had the pleasure of working with many women during my fraud prevention career and I am pleased this is going from strength to strength. The 2nd Emailage User Forum in London was very successful in bringing our customers together across multiple industries so they can share fraud insights. At Emailage we are proud to support all our women and each and every one is involved in our Women in Trust program.”

More information on Women in Trust can be found here. 

Get a taste of the experience. Watch our video:

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