What It’s Like to Grow with a Fraud Prevention Company

Amador Testa shares his experience of growing with Emailage.

Chief Product Officer Amador Testa emphasizes that being part of Emailage’s journey has changed his life. He’s held anti-fraud leadership roles at well-known enterprises such as American Express and Citigroup, but he says everything he’s learned and experienced in several years at our fraud prevention company would have taken him decades to absorb elsewhere.

In this engaging video, he walks viewers through Emailage’s start and rise in the fraud detection field.

Explore the experience of growing a fraud prevention career with Emailage.

As one of Emailage’s earlier team members, Testa reflects on the growth Emailage has experienced over the years. The fast-paced nature of a startup may be an adjustment for those seeking a job in fraud prevention, but it was a positive change for him. In needing to wear many hats and tackle a number of tasks each day, he points out prioritization is critical. He advises anti-fraud professionals to take bandwidth and capital into consideration.

Testa is proud of the culture that’s been cultivated at Emailage. Fraud prevention professionals are always looking to add incremental value to clients’ processes, and that notion drives the way we connect with customers and partners.

Our chief product officer takes great pride in the evolution of our solutions. “One of the best things is when I travel and I talk to a customer, and they say, ‘Hey, your solution has helped us solve this problem,’” he explains.

To solve those problems and continually add value, we don’t just welcome client feedback; we seek it out. Testa understands that our clients are acutely aware of the market and the fraud issues they face. In developing Emailage’s fraud prevention tools, he’s always believed listening to clients is an essential step in improving our products.

Emailage employees bring a lot of energy to what they do, and Testa is no different. He says he’s presented our fraud prevention solutions more than a thousand times, but it still feels new to him because he’s excited to share his insights and answer questions. He often knows what an anti-fraud professional’s next several queries will be and can offer some of those answers before even being asked.

At Emailage, we outsmart fraud together. Testa highlights how meaningful it is to work for a company that helps businesses prevent different types of fraud schemes, including crimes such as human trafficking and money laundering. He’s proud to work for a brand that betters society and the world by fighting fraud.

This field focuses on an evolving issue, allowing those with careers in fraud prevention to remain challenged. He points out there are countless opportunities to learn something new.

From forming friendships to working with smart people to solve problems, a big part of Testa’s experience has been the connections he’s made at Emailage. He emphasizes that being a part of LexisNexis® Risk Solutions only enhances that experience, as it allows us to tackle bigger challenges with expanded data assets that deliver greater value to our customers. Now, there’s an opportunity for Emailage to do even more in the fight against fraud.

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