Lessons Learned from a Career in Fraud Prevention

What Amador Testa would have done differently

With roles at American Express and Citigroup on his resume, Amador Testa has made a name for himself in the fraud prevention field in the past 20 years. His path to his position as Emailage chief product officer wasn’t a direct one, as he originally considered a career in law.

Testa took some time to share the lessons he’s learned  during his fraud prevention career with other anti-fraud professionals, including:

What one anti-fraud leader learned from jobs in fraud prevention

Hindsight is always 20/20. Based on learnings from past experiences, Testa offers crystal-clear advice to anti-fraud professionals who seek a successful career in the field. Consider these six things our chief product officer wished he’d known earlier or would have done differently in his career:

  1. Take steps to prepare every day. Even before his career started, Testa learned the valuable lesson of continually taking steps to ensure he’d be ready for the task at hand. It’s easy to wait to learn a new skill until it’s needed, but experience taught Testa you’ll be more successful if you learn about and practice a skill in advance.
  2. Choose a field in which you feel connected. Although Testa acknowledges he’s blessed this happened in his career, it’s worth noting this sage advice. His energy and drive came from his interest in and connection to the fraud prevention field. Choosing to do what you like will ensure you stay motivated to learn new things and remain present.
  3. When it comes to challenges, play the long game. In saying “yes” to countless opportunities in his many jobs in fraud prevention, Testa learned to be patient about the payoff. Challenges will be hard in the beginning, and it takes perseverance to see them through.
  4. Do your part. At the start of one’s career, it’s critical to commit to studying, learning and connecting with people in the field. Testa explains that putting in extra hours will really pay off in the future.
  5. You always have a chance to study other things. Emailage’s chief product officer graduated from law school, a path he pursued at a family member’s recommendation, but he never used the degree. If your degree isn’t entirely related to the field or role you want, there’s always the opportunity to gain the knowledge needed for the career or position you desire. Testa explains that a master’s degree in business administration helped fill in his academic gaps and allowed him to advance his fraud prevention career.
  6. Adversity makes us stronger. Growing up, Testa was made fun of for his first name, which translates to “amateur” in Portuguese. The experience helped him grow stronger and more resilient. Later in life, his name ended up being an advantage, as it made it easy for others to find him and do business with him.

We can’t change the past, but we can learn from it. We hope you gained some new insights from Testa’s two-decades long career in the fraud prevention field and the lessons he’s learned throughout it.

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