Machine learning and artificial intelligence are revolutionizing the global workforce and economy. Experts calculate that artificial intelligence will reach a $15.7 trillion economic impact by the year 2030. That’s 15.7 trillion reasons to adopt these technologies now. And 15.7 trillion reasons to watch this on-demand Merchant Risk Council (MRC) webinar with Emailage’s Vice President of Data Science.

Get started with machine learning in your business by asking the right questions:

  • When should I use machine learning?
  • What’s the difference between machine learning, artificial intelligence and deep learning?
  • Which use cases are proving out AI best practices?
  • How do you teach AI to learn properly?

In this webinar, hear from Emailage’s Vice President of Data Science to get answers to these questions and learn about common mistakes organizations make when starting out with machine learning.

Key takeaways for this webinar include:

  • The best practices for building clean, standardized data inputs
  • Understanding your algorithm and outputs
  • How machine learning can maximize the accuracy and efficiency of fraud management strategies