Emailage visited MRC Vegas this March and met our customers at The Aria Hotel and Resort. We got to see our customer’s face to face and have a great conversation in our booth. We wanted to reflect on the themes and activity we saw at MRC Vegas.


The biggest thing on everyone’s mind was the looming EMV regulations that are going into effect this October. Card counterfeiting is predicted to drop, but account takeovers and card not present fraud is predicted to rise dramatically. Because these new regulations hit right before the holiday season our customer’s wanted to prepare for this “perfect storm” scenario where retailers are ill prepared for both the new EMV regulations and the rise in card not present fraud.


Our Customers

We were able to talk to our customer’s about the benefits of Emailage and how we can complement any fraud strategy. Emailage provides a unique part of your fraud prevention tool set because it doesn’t use sensitive transaction data and it works internationally. Emailage is also dynamic and can respond to fraud trends in real-time. Our customers have been analyzing email addresses to provide a pre-emptive fraud ranking score to expedite their order approval process. Our customers are seeing 90% of their confirmed fraud as previously unreported.

Booth Activity

The best part of MRC Vegas was connecting with new people and our customers. Our booth was packed with people who demoed Emailage and got to see fraud scores displayed in real time. We felt it was important for or customers to try out our live product and see it in action. If you did not get a demo at MRC, give us a call at 480-634-8437 or send us an email at to set one up today.