I’ve been to many trade shows in my life, but last week was my first time attending the awesomeness that is MRC Vegas. While learning practical tips is important (we all have to justify our attendance somehow, right?), my biggest takeaways were a bit more personal.

So while the thoughts are still swirling in my head, I’d like to take a moment to share my top 5 lessons learned as a relatively new foot soldier in the fight against fraud.

1) The Network-ing effect: At Emailage, we talk a lot about our global intelligence network that unites industry-leading companies across the globe to better fight fraud. It wasn’t until this conference that I realized how intrinsic this philosophy is across the community.

The MRC audience is a relatively small, yet very scrappy group of experts fighting a nefarious common enemy. It’s rare to see such alignment between companies that, by day, are competitors in the marketplace. Every person I spoke with was eager to learn and open to sharing their day-to-day challenges. The willingness to seek and provide advice to one another creates a “safe place” and a shared understanding that we are truly all fighting fraud together.

2) Cracks in the glass ceiling: I spoke with many people from across the world with diverse backgrounds, but I was pleasantly surprised by the number of women who not only attended MRC Vegas, but also served in speaking roles (in fact, nearly half the featured speakers were women!).

It’s highly apparent that more women are not just entering the fraud space but steadily dominating it. This vibe was strong in the Women in Payments & Fraud Luncheon with dozens of female peers giving career insights and providing a helping hand to those coming up next.

3) The people factor: Software tools are critical, but people and process make the difference. This theme was present in several sessions and I couldn’t agree more. The future of our industry will still rely on people, like our own decision science team, who can operationalize intelligence to make better decisions. It will also rely on clear process and expectations around cross-departmental teams effectively working together. This is not just to uplevel fraud prevention efforts, but to ensure that customers get the experience they crave and deserve.

4) World domination can’t stop, won’t stop: Whether you’re planning to expand internationally or already have – a number of session topics focused on the impact and challenges associated with global fraud trends.

From GDPR to PSD2, it’s critical to understand the implications of worldwide threat profiles, compliance issues and regulatory climates on your business. This can feel scary and is no small task to proactively manage, but with the right fraud prevention partner – you can have the support to do it and do it well.

5) Fun and fraud belong in the same sentence: Who knew a good martini and a fun-filled fanny pack would be the key to MRC Vegas attendees hearts? I would just like to say thank you to everyone who stopped by the Emailage booth, shared a laugh with us and (hopefully) learned a little bit more about how we help customers grow their business.

There’s no better group to be a part of than one that loves a good glitter beard, isn’t afraid to belt out some Hall & Oates jams and is supremely dedicated to outsmarting fraud together. I enjoyed speaking with each and every person … so let’s do it again!

Next year’s registration starts soon! Keep an eye on the registration page for the early bird rates. I also recommend heading over the MRC Linkedin Page for constant updates and awesome insights. Of course, the Emailage blog is a great place to get information as well.

Was MRC Vegas a whirlwind for you, too? Now that the dust has settled, it’s time to take advantage of that fresh knowledge: Visit the Emailage eCommerce page to discover how a global merchant saved $19 million in prevented fraud.