Webinar: Survey results from our 500+ consumer survey

The state of trust in the shared economy

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why 2020 has become the tipping point for new consumer expectations from the shared economy
  • How the shared economy has led marketplaces and mobility services to face a complex balancing act
  • How technology can help address this challenge and protect future revenues

You’ll also hear from guest speaker Philipp Lühr-Tanck, revenue assurance manager for FREE NOW, who provides insight into his own experiences on his company’s marketplace platform.

About the shared economy findings

The consumer survey results presented in this webinar are from three main research sources, offering a cross section of insights from consumers and businesses inside the shared economy.

The analysis draws from:

  • A comprehensive survey of 500+ UK consumers: 40% aged 18-29, 33% aged 30-44 and 27% aged 45+
  • Executive insights from leading platforms in the shared economy and Emailage’s global customer base, including the shared mobility and content subscription service segments
  • Risk management, fraud prevention, and threat identification data and best practice insights from Emailage deployments

4 key trends uncovered

Trend #1

Consumers don’t trust others online. Safety has overtaken convenience as the driving factor behind the trust economy.

Trend #2

Fake reviews are a much bigger issue as bad actors’ game the system.

Trend #3
Churn risk is at an all-time high. Worryingly, 33% of consumers will churn after the first bad experience — no matter what led to that situation.

Trend #4

Consumers expect the platforms they use to immediately know who is or isn’t trustworthy.


Want to learn how consumer trust can be rebuilt on your platform?

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