Originally published in The Nilson Report 

Users rarely change their email address over time, which makes it a valuable datapoint for assessing risk in online transactions. Emailage, which opened for business in 2012, has built a predictive risk score that uses an email address as the root datapoint.

When they send requests to Emailage, customers indirectly share fraud fighting intelligence by contributing to the company’s database, which is comprised of positive and negative signals associated with an email address, as well as other datapoints.

Last year, Emailage was used in the review of $180 billion in ecommerce transactions. Customers include the five largest money transfer firms, four of the top six credit card issuers worldwide, three of the five largest global airlines, and others.

The company’s Rapid Risk product uses more than 100 datapoints to deliver a score in 30 milliseconds. It can show merchants and creditors whether an email address has previously been tied to suspicious activity. The company says a client’s return on investment is at least 10x the cost associated with using its service.

Emailage, which operates on a software-as-a-service basis, is typically added to the other fraud fighting tools in a merchant’s risk management engine.

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