Though the rise of online transactions has brought new, exciting revenue channels to businesses, it has also put a target on their back for cunning fraudsters. By 2020, experts are predicting that 1 in 10 items will be bought online in Australia. We’ve evolved from a simple combination of online and bricks and mortar to online shopping across multiple devices, now with expectations of a frictionless user experience. This means easy access, simple payment options, and convenience across all touch points. The dramatic increase of eCommerce fraud in the APAC region demonstrates the importance of investing in proactive fraud prevention that balances with customer experience or be faced with costly damages later.

Join Carlos Testa for this webinar, presented by Emailage and NORA, to learn more about the rise of online shopping and fraud in Australia and beyond. In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • The rising popularity of mobile & online shopping in Australia
  • New fraud trends impacting the APAC region
  • Pros and cons of new strong authentication regulations
  • Leveraging dynamic signals for unrivaled fraud prevention

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