Why the email address allows payment processors and card issuers to fight fraud on all fronts, with minimal friction.

The advent of 3-D Secure 2 globally and PSD2in the EU will stop online merchants paying for most card frauds. Card issuers will be challenged to authenticate their clients using new transaction data to which they have previously not had access.

In this white paper, you’ll learn why the email address plays a critical role in fighting back against fraudsters, without adding friction to customers.


Card Issuers and CNP payments: reducing friction and fraud using email as a tool

Card issuers and payment processors are faced with a challenge – how will they balance customer friction and fraud prevention? The businesses which have better fraud risk analytics and better data on which to make decisions will do better. Merchants have already discovered that email address is an effective fraud risk factor in e-commerce; it is now time for the financial services industry to learn lessons from them.