Already a leading name in travel throughout Southeast Asia, Traveloka had their eyes on international expansion. However, expanding into new and emerging markets throughout the region came with a set of unique challenges for their customer verification controls.  Although their app is one of the most popular in the region with more than 40 million downloads, their authentication system relied on cell phone numbers for new account registrations.

As their business grew, Traveloka found that relying on cell phone numbers for user verification was a challenge because pre-paid disposable phones are quite popular throughout Southeast Asia. New customers in these markets did not have a data history associated with their phone numbers, making account creation more difficult. Traveloka found themselves in need of network intelligence to fill in the gaps and create an exceptional customer experience during their expansion. 

“Our first customers in new markets create the foundation of our reputation, and they have a great influence in the success of our expansion efforts.” – Budi Waskita, Traveloka

Emailage’s Email Risk Score backed by a global data consortium was the perfect fit for this world-class travel brand to grow with confidence. By implementing a fraud strategy anchored in the email address in lieu of phone number, Traveloka was able to increase new registrations and drastically reduce customer friction during account openings. 

In this case study you’ll also learn how Traveloka was able to: 

  • Enhance customer verification through globally sourced data spanning new industries and regions
  • Enhance their Know Your Customer (KYC) controls by analyzing data beyond phone numbers
  • Begin approving more customers automatically 

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