Emailage is pleased to announce Tim White’s promotion to Chief Partnership Officer.

“Tim’s leadership has demonstrated that strategic partnerships are key to our growth,” said Emailage CEO Rei Carvalho. “His work in this area is an incredible asset to our company and will pave the way for continued global growth.”

Emailage, founded in 2012, are creators of the email risk assessment space. Since then, brand equity has attracted the strategic partners required for accelerated expansion. The company’s partner ecosystem now includes a majority of leading fraud prevention and identity validation companies.

“We’ve earned the status as de facto provider of email risk assessment. At this stage, we don’t have a perceived competitor,” said White. “That’s why we’re laser-focused on evolving our Email Risk Score as we crank up the pressure on ourselves to continue leading.”

The growth of interest across the globe requires Emailage to serve more customers in more places. With recently opened offices in Australia, Singapore and Canada — the company is adding team members to support even greater expansion.

This growth coincides with wider industry trends. As online fraud rises, Emailage signals have come to be known as a “must-have” for online commerce.

“We’re experiencing a shift in the market. Email risk assessment has become a necessity in fraud prevention. Now, partners are directly embedding Emailage into their solutions as part of their core offering,” said White. “This approach allows our key partners to protect current opportunities, while providing a distinct advantage in acquiring new ones.”

The orientation toward direct embedding with partner solutions means Emailage can realize future growth by relying less on the prohibitive time and costs associated with direct acquisition.

“We have some of the most amazing and visionary people on our team. I truly love the people that I work alongside every day,” said White. “It’s a testament to the mission-focused culture of Emailage. It’s incredibly exciting to be such a key component to the value proposition our partners are offering in the market.”