What does the future of the fraud prevention landscape look like? That is the question we wanted to ask ourselves in São Paulo this year at our second annual Connect user conference. We brought together over 200 industry experts and fraud professionals to share their success stories, best practices, and predictions for the future of fighting fraud.

“Everyone in attendance was incredible. The energy was electric and every single customer success story was powerful and impressive. I can’t thank our customers and partners enough for making this event possible.” Tim White, Emailage Chief Partnership Officer

The Network Effect

Our state of the art fraud prevention technology relies on data provided by our worldwide fraud sharing network. Providing a venue for our customers to share and celebrate their victories in the fight against fraud while networking with peers is an important part of what makes the Emailage culture of cooperation work.

In a global ecosystem where fraudsters operate in organized rings with sophisticated tools, businesses can no longer operate in silos afraid their peers will learn their secrets. This is why our Connect user conference focused on content driven by the users themselves. Fraud management experts from a variety of industries joined us on stage for a series of presentations and panels geared towards creating the best fraud-fighting technology available.

In addition to panels and presentations, the conference featured a keynote address from former hacker Daniel Nascimento on “The Other Side of Fraud.” Daniel gave attendees a glimpse into the dark world of fraudsters and the crime that is financed with fraud profits. His presentation further highlighted the need for businesses to invest in their fraud prevention strategy, bringing the reality close to home.

Emailage Chief Product Officer Amador Testa also took the stage to present the Emailage product roadmap, a sneak peek at the future of fraud prevention. “Fraud is not going away. The future of fraud prevention is in shared network data and digital identity verification on a global scale,” says Testa.

Celebrating our victories

The exciting day culminated in one more celebration of our customers, the Emailage awards. As an expression of our gratitude for the partnership we share with our customers, the Emailage team presented five awards for contributions to our network consortium of fraud data. These awards (ranging from Most Data Shared to Most Variables Shared to recognition for our first Latin American customer to implement Email Risk Score) aim to recognize each company for their part in the fight against fraud.

We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of the attendees who made this year’s Connect user conference a phenomenal success. At Emailage, our customers are our partners and we look forward to continuing in the fight against fraud together.

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