Executive Summary

When an enterprise fraud ring attempted to attack an international money transfer business, it triggered an urgent need for the company to optimize fraud detection and prevention programs. Emailage partnered with the client to scale a proactive approach which identified 100% of the fraudulent emails in the proof of concept data set. Fully optimized Email Risk Score and API implementation optimized internal processes saving fraud analysts an average 7.5 hours per week while automatically approving low-risk customer transactions.


Our client experienced an attempted enumeration attack. This fraud tactic is particularly difficult to identify, because the emails appear to be legitimate at-a-glance. Examples of enumeration look like:




Understanding the true risk associated with each individual email in a large scale fraud attempt of this kind could easily overwhelm a fraud analyst team with a lengthy backlog of transactions requiring manual review. This intensely manual and time-consuming approach impacts the customer experience and slows the approval process for legitimate customers.

The Right Solution

Read our latest full case study to find out how Emailage used advanced pattern detecting technology for confident risk decisioning to increase approvals and protect our client’s top and bottom line.