Tips to Advance a Career in Fraud Prevention

Fraud prevention leader Amador Testa offers tips to advance a fraud prevention career.

Amador Testa, chief product officer at Emailage, has experienced numerous changes during his two decades in the financial services fraud prevention field. Drawing from his senior-level positions at American Express and Citigroup, Testa advises anti-fraud professionals on how to progress a career in fraud prevention.

One’s professional trajectory will always be evolving, from making big life decisions to navigating new opportunities, companies and locations.. In this video, Testa shares tips on career advancement through the lens of his impressive work history.

Follow this advice for handling opportunities for advancement.

Our chief product officer’s fraud prevention career began while he was in an international chargebacks role at American Express and attending law school. Although he didn’t know exactly what he wanted to do, Testa accepted a promotion to a fraud project analyst position and started getting excited about projects he’d later realize had catapulted his career in fraud prevention.

The takeaway: You may not know how you’d like to shape your career, but experience can help inform those important decisions.

A couple of years later, Testa had a chance to move to the credit department at American Express, but the opportunity fell through and raised concerns that he was pigeonholing himself in fraud. It all panned out, however, as sticking with jobs in fraud prevention led Testa to greater options.

The takeaway: Becoming an expert takes time and patience, but it can significantly pay off if the field continues to grow.

In this video, he discusses some of the other big decisions he’s had to make, from moving to make, from moving to new locations to taking on more significant roles. Those decisions required consideration of others, including colleagues and family.

As Testa’s personal and professional life became more established, he had the chance to join a promising startup: Emailage. Testa had to weigh the risks and rewards of joining a startup, and his wife played a big role in his decision by being supportive.

The takeaway: Others will often influence the choices you make in your fraud prevention career. It’s essential to have the support of leaders and mentors, as well as family and loved ones.

The latest turn in Testa’s career in fraud prevention is that he’s now part of the LexisNexis family, which will only enhance Emailage’s unique offering of using email as the global identifier of a consumer paired with an unparalleled consortium network of data.

In an industry that’s always evolving, professionals with a career in fraud prevention, like Testa, can expect their professional path to be filled with changes.

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